aRacer SpeedTek Full control module setup

Full control that has been installed and set up since the latter half of November
Start with an understanding of the system and then an understanding of engine control.
What kind of engine is the engine that can run faster for Gymkhana?
I think it’s the first time I’ve had such a dense life in my Gymkhana life for the last two months of studying various things since I understood suspension.

Take one step and go down two steps. .. I have spent such days.
As I wrote before, time is secondary. .. .. Two months spent on understanding. ..

What does it mean to run fast in Gymkhana from the time you’ve come to understand it?
I feel that my thoughts have advanced to such a place.
Ninja 400.jpg

Now that the Ninja engine has been controlled to a fairly satisfactory level, what do we need to do next, stop development and focus on running faster with this engine? I’m thinking of exploring.

Happiness that I was able to challenge new things at this age. ..
In the race engine, I would like to praise myself for working hard to meet the expectations while being supported by the top Japanese people.

I think I’ve just stood at the entrance to engine control, but I’m relieved that I’ve moved forward a little when I was walking in the dark for a while. ..

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