Excitement for 12 inches

I used to have a KSRII, and I used to race it in Kawasaki’s super bikers mini race.
Maybe the biggest trophy you have right now is the trophy from that race?
I had fun in the race where I ran alternately on the circuit and off-road.
While doing gymkhana, I was out for fun,
In addition, I also participated in the endurance race “This is a road only” where the All Japan guys competed. What a great memory.


And then the Nakai endurance race started, and to this day, 12-inch tires are like racing on a circuit.
After that, I made Grom and ran it mainly for touring, but I took it to the gymkhana field twice and tried running.
It’s pretty fun, but when I got on it, the suspension bottomed out and looked pathetic. .
I wanted to take care of it, so I used it mainly for touring, but now that machine is also going to Mr. Gen0 and is very active.
Well, the bike I bought this time is a 12-inch 2nd motard given to me by a friend.
I think the large wheelbase suits me, so it would be fun if I could drive like I used to when I used to drive the TE310.
What do you think?


It would be fun to be able to move forward without slowing down while making full use of the crossed gears to make up for the lack of power.
What kind of run can I do + 12 inches? I can’t stop being excited now.


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