New Regulation??

I think the current regulations of Moto Gymkhana have a lot of remnants from when Gymkhana started.
In the past, it was mainly used for driving lessons and HMS courses, so it was necessary to have safety parts in order to borrow it.
It is a vehicle that can run on public roads when a problem is hit! Because it will be a problem if it is not a machine that can say. .
For that reason, the regulation is a vehicle that can run on public roads.
I think it’s the same reason that the noise level makes it impossible to use the course.
Even now, depending on the usage of courses nationwide, we use driving schools, so I don’t think it has been changed in order to balance that.
The other is that you can participate in your own vehicle! It’s a wide competition! You can also participate by self-propelled.
I wanted to promote it. I think that’s what it is.


The representative often said that he wanted to make a gymkhana that could run any vehicle. . If possible, I want to create a class where anything goes. .
However, due to the conflict between the ideal and the reality, the current regulation has a lot of gray areas. I think there is a reason for that.


The ideal is to have a proper vehicle inspection with a solid regulation. . I want fair competition. .
However, as a matter of fact, it is impossible for a small number of staff to inspect nearly 200 vehicles in about an hour.
There are many vehicles that vehicle inspectors don’t know about, so an ideal vehicle inspection is practically impossible. .
Then it’s OK if only safety is ensured.
Summed up in one word. . I think that’s the current regulation.
However, as a good thing, the players passed the vehicle inspection, so they said it was OK and modified everything.
It has become lighter, and now it has become a lawless vehicle. Excessive remodeling has become rampant. That’s what I mean.
I know it’s fun that way. I really like anything!
But. . As I wrote before, racing “sports” is not a racing “sport” unless it can maintain fairness.
Well, I understand that it is difficult to maintain fairness in Gymkhana where various vehicles run, but as an adult’s play
The current situation is a great competition to be proud of. . What do you say?
In this state, if you look from the outside, you can’t tell what the gymkhana is doing, right? That’s what I’m told. “Actually said”
As someone who has been here for a long time, it’s a great competition for outsiders to be “circuit-related and general people”! I want to be told.
If manufacturers see it and outside competitors see it and think it’s a great competition, wouldn’t we be able to expect a better future? I think.


Here is my fantasy.
Gymkhana now no longer uses the driving school.
You don’t need a vehicle that can run on public roads, do you?
But that would narrow the wide frontage, so
Create an anything-goes class and set a minimum overall weight.
For example, SB class = 190 kg or more General class 130 kg or more 12 inches = 80 kg or more
If you use a racer, it will be heavier than this standard, so load ballast and match the weight.
Doesn’t that give some fairness? What
Always measure with JAGE training, etc., so that you can grasp the weight of your vehicle.
It is not possible to measure everything during the competition, so we will do random inspections.
Only measure the winners and those who are promoted. .
This is just my delusion, but isn’t it the easiest way to maintain fairness in difficult vehicle inspections? I think.
It’s OK to make your own frame for a class where anything is possible.
It’s the fastest class in Gymkhana, but it’s not eligible for promotion. .
If there is such a class, it will be even more exciting~



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