Figure 8 GP with Dunlop Roadsmart IV tires


The weather was nice but it was a very windy and cold day.
I thought that most people had little experience with Gymkhana, so the tires are Road Smart 4
I didn’t use tire warmers, I thought I’d run under conditions close to those of the participants, but there were a few faces I knew (laughs).
There are a few people who have tire warmers, so it’s apt. .. It’s a challenge without using a warmer.

It is a flow called attack of figure 8 GP after warming up in 5 places.

I repeated it throughout the day and made a total of 6 attacks.
Because it was a course along the river, it was a little sandy and the tires turned white when I finished running.

It’s a run in the cold evening in such a situation, and it’s shaded, but it’s a video with a time of 27 seconds 6.

I was able to interact with the participants of U-an, who has a high SSB installation rate, while talking about various things.
Tires are not meant to be gripped, but to be gripped. .. Could you prove it?

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