Gymkhana at Saitama Ogano Rider Inn

On October 6th 2019 , in Ogano Saitama Japan we will hold a Detonation gymkana public practice demonstration. with Ogano Rider Juku in Ogano Town.

Ogano Rider Inn.jpg

Initially, we planned to do a Gymkhana demonstration at the main venue, but we decided to hold a practice session at the Bike Forest Parking Lot because it is narrow due to road problems and the use of the parking lot.

I think that the practice scene of the active seed player of Detonation is also worth seeing for ordinary riders.
If you are interested, please come to see us.

I will bring the ZRX1200R for the first time in a long time because I will appreciate it.

I will bring a ninja 400, but this time the main is likely to be ZRX1200. .

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