Gymkhana Boots Slider

I think one of the big problems for Gymkhana riders is the wear of their boots.
Especially for riders who are getting faster, by stepping on the brakes during the full bank, the boots on the right side will be scraped to the extent that the little toes come out.
However, if it is a normal boot slider, the bank angle cannot be secured, or it will be scraped off immediately and it will be almost useless.
Therefore, I think that everyone is devising various materials.

Therefore, SSB repeated the test and made a slider made of fine ceramics.
The size is compact with a thickness of 5 mm, a width of 15 mm, and a length of 20 mm.
This material has a hardness close to that of diamond and does not scrape at all even when used as a slider.
Even if I try to scrape it with a sander, it cannot be scraped at all.
I thought that there was a possibility of hard splitting, so I rowed to a place where I could sell it after clearing the problem of wall thickness.
The one in the photo is for testing, but the actual one is chamfered on one side in the direction of travel to reduce catching on the road surface.

It is a product that aims to secure the bank angle and attach it with the boots reduced to some extent.
It’s the one I’m testing by attaching it to my boots.
Stick it with double-sided tape and fill it with a shoe doctor.
In addition to the good side that it can not be scraped, I think that it is also an advantage that you can run comfortably because there is little contact resistance with the road surface.

For the time being, I requested the production of 200 pieces with the initial rod.
The price is 1000 yen to 1300 yen per piece.
It’s expensive for its small size, but the effect is enormous, so I’d like you to try it once.
I would like to put it out on the net shop when the initial rod is ready.
I want it again! I would like to hear your opinions, such as showing them, so thank you.

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