Practice with ZRX1200R

I’m remaking the Ninja 400 for next season, so I can’t ride it at all.
I started practicing with the ZRX1200R from the latter half of November.
It’s a heavy and non-bending bike, but it’s an easy-to-use and punchy engine.
Riding that controls it accurately and moves forward is a good practice of solid technique ~
I think again.
In the deto training, I had to run on the circuit from the evening, but if I control it well, I can run the Tomin A course in a flat position for 27 seconds with almost the gymkhana specifications.
If you get used to it a little more and play with the setup a little more in good conditions during warm weather
It seems that the 26-second range can be put out constantly. ..

You can also confirm that it is a machine that can run under any conditions such as gymkhana, circuit, touring, and mountain pass, and it will become my cute ZRX. .. .. (Lol)

I’m thinking of running on Friday’s Takechi training and Sunday’s Dunlop training on ZRX, so let’s run together, especially on the course slalom.

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