I still can’t get enough of the performance~

I participated in the JAGE Cup Round 2 yesterday.
It was a participation from the JAGE training the day before, but it is difficult to run continuously at this age. It was especially hot this time. .
I’m so tired that I can’t move my body today. (;^_^A


Until now, I’ve been running with CST’s SM-SRR, but this time I’m wearing Dunlop TT93GPPRO front and back.


I thought I would be able to run without any problems because I had already set up to some extent at the practice session.
Compared to SM-SRR, turning performance is considerably lower.
The other is that the rear grip is a little lacking where there is no load.
Therefore, until the rear grip recovers, it is a problem that the front turning performance cannot be obtained.
However, I wonder if the rear is balanced with this level of grip in terms of the balance with the front tire, which has poor turning performance. That’s what it feels like.
After all, there will be a big difference between the bias tire Dunlop and the radial tire CST when the load is placed.
Well, was the TT93GP released in 2010? Thirteen years after its release, it is unreasonable for the design to be old. .


1st heat
A disappointing start when you make a mistake in the direction of the turn immediately after starting
After that, I continued to make mistakes, but somehow I was able to finish the first heat in 4th place in the A class with the time I finished.
Was it okay to pull the engine a little more in the reflection of the first heat? Because there were many places
I used it as a reference for improvement points in the second heat.


2nd heat
Somehow, I put a lot of effort into the whole thing, and it ended up being a jerky run.
Taking advantage of what I learned from the first heat, I tried to pull the engine all the way through.
Considering the loss in the first heat, I thought I would be able to break the 24-second range, but it was very disappointing that the time remained almost the same. .
This time was a very good test.
Even if it’s a short distance, shifting up will increase the vehicle speed and lead to faster times.
I would like to attack with this as a reference from the next time.
As a result, I was able to win 6th place in the A class, so it has been 3 months since the car was delivered. . It’s going well! by the way
I want to be satisfied.
The 12-inch challenge has just started, and I would like to further increase my potential.


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