If can’t beat them… join them

I bought a 12-inch version of the KX112, but how far can I run with this machine? It is a vehicle purchased for the challenge called.
I plan to run circuits, gymkhana, etc.
I have no plans to participate in the Dunlop Cup or the JAGE Cup held by JAGE.
If the regulations change and I can do a class that can do anything, I’d like to try it.
Until then, I would like to finish the machine as much as possible and make it fun to run.
To put it the other way around, I’m planning to run it other than the Dunlop Cup JAGE Cup.
What happens if you ride a big bike and ride a 12-inch vehicle?
I want to know myself, and I wonder if there are people who want to know? What do you think?
I’m not used to the 2st, but I feel like I can’t start until the engine is finished, so I’d like to do my best.
When it comes to the undercarriage, what is the base finish? . Do you want to keep the off-road flavor or add more road flavor?
I’d like to leave the specifications that can run on the circuit, so I’m worried about it.


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