JAGE Cup fourth round

I went to the final race of the 2018 season, the fourth race of the JAGE Cup.

After finishing the Dunlop Cup and concentrating and starting riding Ninja 400, while understanding the characteristics of the machine,
I have advanced the setup.

In the day before JAGE training, we had made adjustments from the outside according to the contents "spring and oil surface" we set.

Well, even then, I often fell down (laugh).

From this content we reviewed the hotel at Saturday evening and changed the setup of the machine of JAGE Cup morning both before and after.

Is it the right answer if you do not get on? I do not know so I will watch the situation with warming up.
Since it is not hard to get on the big, go straight to section 8. .
I also attached it to the start line of the first heat because it is not too difficult to get on too much.

As I have not gotten used to machines yet, the points to open the accelerator in some places deviate, affecting the line and the riding, but it seems that the whole speed does not fall and it is also helped by other players' mistakes I finished the first heat at 2nd overall.

Although I was able to see a bad part after running, it is not a work that can be done in this place
I decided to run the second heat with the set as it is, with top priority on rider's accustomed.

In the first half I corrected the bad part of the first heat, I ran, but completely offset the balance with the offset of the middle part, I ran the narrow offset even harder.
Have you quite lost time here?
Afterwards it was a pretty good run, but a misdemeanor in the stamp section, I did not step on it. (; ∀;)
I covered mistakes in the middle and I was able to time up ~ ~

The result was the 6th place prize at the time of the first heat.
I think that it is a sufficient result at this stage.

I also saw the direction for further potential upgrades.
I think I will run in the off season and get used to the machine as well.


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