Revisiting the final ratio for Z900

The setup of the Z900 has progressed little by little.
So far, we are looking at the balance between preload and spring rate while looking at the height of 0G and the balance between 1G and 1G’.
I am studying the body and link characteristics of the Z900 so that I can raise the gymkhana potential.


Also, as the engine set-up and undercarriage set-up progressed, the effects of engine braking and ablation during acceleration
Considering that the anti-squat is very strong, I decided to make the front sprocket one long.
I would like to test it this weekend.
It’s not a torquey acceleration like the ZRX1200, but when the power comes on, the squat works at once.
I judged that it would stretch the suspension and tend to rip out the tires.


Although it affects the acceleration force at extremely low speeds, I expect that it will go in a good direction overall.
I’m still learning about the Z900, so I haven’t been able to improve my times, but I’ll do my best to make it a fun machine.

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