Setup failure and success

In the previous article, I wrote about making the Z900 final long.


Why didn’t you do the math yourself? It’s strange
When I calculated the total final ratio of the Z900, it was 6 points shorter than the GSXS1000 I used to ride.
I found out that the ZRX1200 is also 5 shorted (^-^;
That’s why I’m careful to open the accelerator.


But to put it the other way around, the engine is so easy to handle that it can run even in such situations. .
And I would like to think that it means that my accelerator work is also being polished.


And when you watch the video, the rear suspension stretches at once when accelerating.
When you close the accelerator from there, you can see the situation where it goes down at once.
The anti-squat of the vehicle is strong and the acceleration force is too strong, so it grows. .


This can be improved by making the sprocket line looser, so by making the front one longer
I hope you can see the direction.


After that, I would like to lengthen the front and increase the rear to reduce anti-squat.


If this goes well, the degree of freedom around the suspension will increase, and I think it will be a specification that allows you to open up with confidence.


I’ve driven a lot of cars so far, and I’ve had a hard time making a machine, but it’s the accumulation of things like this.
Just a little more until it becomes a machine that you can enjoy running! do one’s best. .

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