It’s getting there!

I’ve been studying the Z900 bike since the latter half of last year, and from that data, I’ve redesigned the spring rate, final, and everything else.
I took it to a practice session.


When you actually run the vehicle that you have calculated on your desk, is the direction right? It’s an answer match.
I want to give myself 100 points, the machine is stable as expected, and the slight oversteer has been resolved.
The traction of the rear tire has also improved, and at this stage I feel that I have no complaints.


It’s not lightweight at all, so it may not be suitable for light SS teams, but I think it’s a good balance to win (laughs).


The tires are not in good condition this time, so what kind of change will there be when you put on good tires?
While verifying the area, I would like to boil it down a little more.

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