Weight of SSB

I decided to measure the weight of our SSB reinforced type as of now.
Currently VTR 250 = 1930 g, GSXS 1000 = 2200 g, CB 400 “NC 39, 42] = 2425 g ZRX 1100/1200R  1200 Daeg(Japan only model) “= 2470 g
It is the weight of the above models.


I cut 2.5? On the right and left, even if it is heavy.
I think that it is extraordinarily lightweight as a bumper firmly protecting a motorcycle made of stainless steel.
This is one of the performance of SSB.

As mentioned earlier, regarding the type that is permitted in terms of structure, although it is charged, we will also do lightening work.

In the future we will also strive for performance.


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