SSB Crash bars for BMW G310R

Crash bars for BMW G310R

Is it easy to make when first seen? I thought it was G310, but how can I make it firmly in front of me? It was a vehicle that I thought.

There are not enough gaps in various places, and there are a water pump and a radiator hose in front of the engine hanger bolt. .

There are a variety of accessories in the position you want to attach. . . What should I do. . . . Almost all day long …
Is this possible? I tried to shape the structure that floated in my head.


The appearance looks simple, but the road to get here was far. .

And how it looks after the shroud is processed and attached.
IMG_0879.jpeg IMG_0882.jpeg IMG_0885.jpeg IMG_0888.jpeg

how is it? It looks good (^^ ♪ I think that this is enough strength.
Attach SSB slider α and complete.

And fall test

However, I felt that I wanted a rear slider on the left side if possible.

How is it?

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