SSB crash bars for Kawasaki Z400 2019~ model

Kawasaki Z400 SSB Crash Guard

Although it is a vehicle that has just been released, I was able to make SSBs for the new Kawasaki Z400.

As some know already the Kawasaki Z400 has been chosen for this year’s national safety driving technique middle class vehicle in Japan.
That is why Kawasaki Heavy Industries has requested me to make competition bumpers for the Z400.

We yet to have finish the rear end protectors, but first we wanted to show a sneak preview of the SSB as this has been completed.

The cuts that are needed to be made to the fairing are minimal.
It is just to cut out the hole on the side cover and a small part of the left side radiator fairing. And this is it.

If you plan to remove the radiator shroud, no cuts are necessary.




Since the vehicle is intended for safety driving technique, I have added an extra 25mm width on each side.

This is much wider than our usual products.

Right side view




For gymkhana, I believe it will be sutible with 25mm smaller sizes. Basically this will be the same size as my Ninja 400.

What do you think? Please feel free to leave me a comment! I would love to hear from you.

Kawasaki Z400 SSB Crash Guard Protection Cage 2019~

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