SSB Crash bars for Yamaha NIKEN 2019 Model

This time I made SSB for rumors Yamaha NIKEN.

NIKEN is so big that it can not be balanced with normal sizes and that you want to protect as much as possible
We secured safety and made it as big as possible.

The frame is somewhat special, what kind of structure should it be in order to produce strength?
To adopt a structure that has not been nervous due to troubles by saying that you do not want to make SSB not beautiful to increase strength
I made it.

I think that SSB that suits NIKEN was made.




In addition to this SSB slider α was also installed to this vehicle.

How does it look? Let me know your opinion on the comment field below.

2 thoughts on “SSB Crash bars for Yamaha NIKEN 2019 Model

  1. Craig says:

    Great product, Thank you for making this, many Niken owners will enjoy not breaking parts if it lays down. Looking forward to receiving mine! I am excited!

  2. Lyon Lee says:

    I am also looking forward to receiving this product and equip my Niken GT for protection. Thanks for making this available to Niken owners.

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