SSB foot guard for Husqvarna SMR 450

This time made SSB foot guard for Husqvarna SMR 450

It was pretty difficult.
There is no space, and there is no bolt holes in the places I would regularly install.
In addition, the engine mount bolts were using 8mm bolts while the domestic standard here in Japan is 10mm.

European vehicles are made quite differently!
This was an interesting experience  ^ _ ^;

And here is how it turned out.




Matching the outline, and not getting in the way of riding! With a pipe going backwards in case of falling
We did not get caught, enough securing the bank angle etc. We paid attention to various things and it became this form.

Looking from the back side it is like this.


And in the fall test, I think that you can secure enough foot space.


I am satisfied with the overall end product.

If you would like to order, here is the link to the product.

Husqvarna SMR450 Foot Guard/Crash Guard Protection Cage


What do you think? Feel free to leave me a comment bellow.

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