SSB for BMW K1200R

This time, I made SSB for BMW K1200R.

The frame and engine of this vehicle are very special, with the engine leaning forward leaning on an aluminum frame.
Therefore, the engine hanger bolts are arranged in parallel at a relatively low position.
And the bolts on the front side are offset by 40 mm on the left and right. ..
There is no thick bolt with other bolts.
Somehow, I have to think of a structure that does not curl the SSB at the best position with these two bolts.

With the structure that I have created so far, I don’t feel that I can make a good product. ..
What happened? And half a day, one day. .. .. .. .. ..
Slightly riding a motorcycle, running around the neighborhood and looking back at the machine, I got down suddenly ~
This way, you can withstand all the energy and fill in the gap between the left and right bolts. .. ..
All you have to do now is make it. ..

That’s how SSB looks like this.
<” alt=”IMG_2228.jpeg” width=”640″ height=”480″ border=”0″ /> IMG_2227.jpeg IMG_2232.jpeg IMG_2234.jpeg

It’s a new type SSB made with long experience and new sensibilities, and it’s a very satisfying SSB for me.
How is it?

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