Suzuki Gixxer 250 Test Drive First Impression by SSB

I would like to continue the test drive of the Jigsar 250, which will be launched in Japan at last.

This machine is a model equipped with a newly developed 250 oil-cooled single engine on the frame of the Jigsar 150, which has been evaluated for ease of riding.

Naturally, how much gymkhana potential is there more than I ride? It is natural to think mainly about, but I would like to use it for touring and run along a pass to evaluate.

First of all, I installed SSB before running.
Did you make a cool bumper without losing the design? (Laughs)

The part that I was worried about at the time of Gixxer 150, the play of the brake lever
And the play of the hub damper

Both are solid improvements at 250. . .
I think the brake touch is getting better.
I checked it when I changed the tires, but it has a pretty solid hub damper, so I can ride with confidence.

The position is relaxed and suitable for gymkhana. .
However, the seat was slightly down, and I was a little worried personally.
Also, the handle width is wide for this class and I personally like it very much.

Before doing gymkhana, I attached the tire to Dunlop α14.
Wheel size is F3.0 R4.0, so I chose 110 / 70ZR17 150 / 60ZR17 for tire selection.
This is safe because it is the size attached to the normal wheel of Ninja 400 and Z250SL.

Before starting the break-in operation, I ran about 3km to fill the fuel to the nearby stand, but the neutral handling of the Gixxer 150 and the silky and smooth engine feeling and the thing that impressed me was that the gear shift is smoot and comfortable. . .
Oh! ! I’ll do it ~ Suzuki. . That was my first impression. .

We break in from here and take it to a practice session on the weekend.
In the office teahouse special, we will run the Ninja 400 in a rented class and then explore the gymkhana potential.
Of course, except for changing the tires, I will challenge with a full normal. . Of course I will set up (^ ^ ♪

I expect you to beg.

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