SSB for Kawasaki ZX25R

Recently, the popular SSB for ZX5R has been completed.
Unfortunately, a little cowl processing is required, but I am satisfied with the SSB if it is a good result.
I think it will provide maximum protection in a compact manner.
The cowl processing has also been minimized.

IMG_0717.jpeg IMG_0723.jpeg IMG_0726.jpeg IMG_0732.jpeg
While using the various mechanisms we have cultivated so far, we were able to make it compact and strong.
We also developed a regulator relocation kit to fit it in a small and narrow 4-cylinder 250㏄ cowl, and worked hard so that it could be installed only by cowl processing.

The fall test was completed successfully

We also confirmed that the rear slider is an effective vehicle due to the problem of the balance of the center of gravity of the vehicle.

How is it?

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