SSB for Suzuki Gixxer 250

This time, we’ve made SSB crash guards for the Suzuki Gixxar 250.

Although the main frame of this vehicle is said to be the same as the Gixxar 150 model, the radiator location was different so needed to make this model again from scratch.


If you take too much to the front, the tire hits the bumper when the suspension sinks…
Thinking of structure, and sinking of the suspension we were able to confirm that it will not hit.



The fall test was a success.
Also, the rear slider worked effectively on the left side due to the position of the center of gravity of this vehicle

Personally, the design with Gixxar was also good and I liked it, and this model was able to be installed without any cutting or grinding of fairing or any other parts of the motorcycle.

You can purchase this item for your Gixxer 250 from the link bellow ↓

Suzuki Gixxer 250 Crash bars 2019~ SSB Crash Guard Protection Cage

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