2019 Gym-Chaya Japan 1st round

Ran with the the 2019 Kawasaki Z250SL. And its a WINNER !!!

This time I decided to run the 2019 Kawasaki Z250SL in the additional class to see how much potential I could get out of the tournament against the Ninja 400 for setup confirmation.
The Kawasaki Z250SL has just a stock vehicle body and a stock front and rear suspension, and the final gear ratio also was stock, only things that I changed are the handle bar position and installed a up-step plate, making it possible for the α14 tires to run with confidence on a public road.

1st heat
The road surface was wet with sudden rain just before the start on Kawasaki Z250SL.
I tried running with rain-wear that I could also confirm the wet performance.
As I have never run in the rain with SL + α14, it is quite careful running
That’s one minute and twenty seconds, and it’s 110% of the top we ran dry later! I thought it was a good time for a shabby run.

After that, I ran the Ninja 400 in the A class, but it seems that the setting was a little out of place, and it was 1 minute 23 seconds 3 because a little place could not run well? It is the end of the first heat in the second overall.

And the second heat is a perfect dry road, and everyone can drive.

How far can you run out using the potential of the Z250SL’s raw material? I tried to run so hard that I could make a goal for Jaoton while thinking that the rider’s arms would be tested.

Is the goal about 1 minute 15 seconds? The time I came out was 1 minute 23 seconds 789
This is finally 102.83% of the top time
I think my run at Ninja was 100% but I think it was not so bad so I think at least 105% of Tommy’s run will be cut even if he gives a quick top time.
It was time to be surprised that I bought myself thinking it was a good machine.

And I also saw the directionality of the general setup in the first heat, so I changed the second heat I ran a little while I ran out and the time was 1 minute 11 seconds 758
It seems that it is not bad even if you look at the video, so I would like to run into this specification and challenge with the JAGE cup Dunlop cup.


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