SSB Crash bars for 2019 Katana 1000

We have now made SSB bars for the new Katana 1000.
We produced SSB for the new Katana 1000, which was released with full satisfaction.
Basically, it is the same as GSXS1000.

Because the rear slider was completely different, I made it a new version for this.

IMG_3746.JPG IMG_3748.JPG IMG_3741.JPG IMG_3738.JPG

There is no problem as the effect is fully demonstrated on the GSXS 1000.

The specifications of this photo are given an optional SSB slider α + 15 mm short version and black paint.
The rear slider and the muffler guard are also attached.

Personally, I am very satisfied with the new Katana without any discomfort.

You can purchase the product from the link bellow.

Suzuki Katana 1000 2019~ SSB Crash Guard Protection Cage

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