2021 Dunlop Cup Final Results

October 24th The 2021 Dunlop Cup Gymkhana Tournament was held at Tsukuba Circuit Gymkhana.


The final race, which was held in fine weather, was attended by nearly 200 people, and a hot battle was fought in a great success.
Especially in the A class, Okawa from Aichi also participated in the race and it was a very exciting race.

In the first heat, everyone was attacking in the 1’20s range, but I finished in the 19s range.
I was able to turn back at the 1st heat top.

In the second heat, teammate Yoshino, who made a mistake in the first heat, updated his time.
While two other people were updating, I made some mistakes in the start as the final runner, but I was able to put out my strength and 19 seconds 5
I couldn’t catch up with Mr. Yoshino, but I achieved a one-two with Mr. Yoshino that I had dreamed of! !!

I was able to finish the final race with the best result.

And I was able to get into the 2nd place in the series points, so I will run with the 2nd number next season.

Next year will be a milestone year, but I will do my best as long as I put the number two.

From now on, we look forward to your continual support.


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