2021 SSB for the new MT09

This time, we have developed the SSB for the new MT09, which has undergone a model change.
This vehicle is built on the current frame design and in some places
It’s not strong enough to install the SSB! There was a place that seemed to be.

Therefore, in order to create a product that is satisfactory in terms of design while obtaining the effect and strength as a bumper without adversely affecting the vehicle body side as much as possible, we carefully considered the structure.

IMG_1403.jpeg IMG_1395.jpeg IMG_1402.jpeg
In particular, there was no wall thickness behind the engine hanger, and there was concern about damage when strong energy was applied.
Therefore, the solution was to obtain the overall strength while having the engine block absorb energy.
IMG_1401.jpeg IMG_1398.jpeg

For this vehicle, SSB slider α is installed and matte black paint is also applied.

I also made a special product for the rear slider and attached it, but since the distance between the bolts is short, I decided that the strength would be insufficient if I extended it diagonally backward, so it became such a shape.
It also comes with a brake reservoir tank stay.

I didn’t make a case cover this time because I could avoid the contact of the case that I was worried about in the fall test.


How is it?


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