I ran with Z250SL for the first time in a long time.

I brought the Z250SL to JAGE training to set up the engine and the suspension easily.

Even though it is a setup, the front and back are completely normal, so the rear is preloaded and the front is a protruding setting only.
Since the engine is full control, it is a fairly dense setup.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been riding, so how can I handle it well by using a half-clutch while checking the characteristics?
I tried various challenges.

The video was about when I got used to the machine, but the course was so narrow that I had a little trouble with the unfamiliar machine and the half-clutch.

After this, it was shortened by another 0.8 seconds, but this time it was the limit. ..
If you boil down more and raise the grade of the suspension further, it seems that it will be a better machine.

Next time, let’s run somewhere in the attack training or competition (^^ ♪


2 thoughts on “I ran with Z250SL for the first time in a long time.

  1. Lexco Moto Gymkhana says:

    Hello, Sakuta-San. I am Alexis Robles; Greetings from USA. I am new to Moto Gymkhana suspension settings and adjustments. I have a Ninja 300 and recently installed fully adjustable Ohlins suspension both on front forks and rear shock. Do you have any advice for tuning and adjusting suspension for small displacement motor-bike such as mine? Thank you.

    • jansamurai says:

      Hi Alexis, thanks for getting in touch.
      Always happy to help new beginners to the sport.

      First of all, choose a front and rear spring rate that suits your weight, running skill, and tire performance. The higher of all the harder the rate.
      Then, set the rebound damper rate according to the strength of the spring, and finish wish the compression damper rate according to the road surface condition and what feels comfortable when riding.
      We would recommend to talk to your local Ohlins supplier for choosing the correct spring rate.

      Good luck riding!

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