2023 Office Chaya Cup Round 3

I went to the 3rd round of the office teahouse cup held at the scorching Tomin Motorland.
I was worried whether I should go in the situation where I was still tired from the Hiroshima expedition, but my wife pushed me to go (laughs).
In fact, both my husband and I were not feeling well after eating oysters in Hiroshima, but we managed to recover, so we decided to go.
However, my physical strength was gone, so I had to finish the course walk slowly with only two laps and run while preserving my physical strength.


Heat 1 Due to the heavy rain in the afternoon, we had to start the race after lunch, but it seems that it was a big burden for the still-imperfect Jikan-kun.
It was a heat that made me feel like I was taking energy for digestion.


This time, following Trigymkhana, the tires are CM-SRR. It is a good tire that stands out for its good turning performance more than grip power.


Even so, I was able to finish second fastest after Mr. Yoshino.


2nd heat
The burden of digestion has decreased, and considering the part where I was not good in the first heat, the target time is 1:21.5?
RIP and start by saying!
When entering around the triangular island, I slipped too much and managed to avoid falling, but after that the bike stopped for a moment. .
I did my best to get it back and the time I came out was 1:22.1
We were able to win the overall event.
I was able to win because Mr. Yoshino couldn’t improve his time. . lucky
Would you have reached your goal if it weren’t for that mistake? ?
The recovery of the engine is still big for a machine of this size.
In this state, I have come to understand that there is some potential, so I think I can enjoy running in the competition after August.


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