Oyaki and Sea of Japan Touring

It’s not the time to do gymkhana all the time!
So, I went touring with my friend for one night.


I tried to assemble the route based on Oyaki Touring.
Depart Ome at 5:00. Cross Yanagisawa Pass and head for Suwa using Kofu’s wide-area farm road.
When I left Ome, the road surface was wet. It wasn’t raining from above, but it doesn’t matter what time it starts.
And the temperature in Yanagisawa in the morning was low, I think it was in the 10s, but it was cold in the mesh jacket and I was shaking.
By the time I got off at Kofu, the temperature had risen and it was the best weather for touring in the clear weather.
I want to see the Sea of Japan this time, and I want to eat oyaki for lunch! So I warped from Suwa Minami to Asaji.
After getting off at Asaji, I took the usual Oyaki route, and it was great to be able to continue riding comfortably and comfortably at my own pace because there weren’t many cars and only two motorcycles. .
Since it was just the two of us, we took a break at the Ashinojiri Dosojin Monument, which has a beautiful view of the Northern Alps.
It’s a place that doesn’t usually rest, but two people can stop with plenty of time. .
After that, enjoy the mountain roads of Nagano and arrive at Iroha-do!
I arrived at 11:30 as planned, and the oyaki I eat at the main store is delicious no matter what time I come.
It was nice to be able to say hello to the president and his wife, saying that I will come next time in October.
IMG_0639.jpeg IMG_0641.jpeg
From Kinasa, I left for Hakuba, and went north on National Route 142 Itoigawa Line Hossa Magna to the Sea of Japan.
The thermometer on the road was pointing to 39 degrees. . It was hot~~~
Since you came all the way here, you have to touch the sea! !


Sea of Japan Blue is so beautiful! It’s different from the southern sea, but the deep blue is also beautiful.
I rode my motorcycle in the heat again and arrived at Petit Hotel Shitaka in Hakuba, where I stayed today!
4915029935936125379.195637142e2b9b1a22f3917ad38db273.23081210.jpg IMG_0660.jpeg
I’m not good at eating with a fork or knife, but the food is delicious and satisfying!
Both of us don’t drink much, so we ended up with two beers. . .


the 2nd day.
The return route was the return route of Oyaki, but warp from Azumino to Suwa
I came back from Mugigusa Pass – Budo Pass – Chichibu.
The best word is the pass road that goes through the rhythm on the way back and forth!
Gymkhana was the best time for me doing it for this purpose.
It’s good to be fast in gymkhana, but I think that cultivating the skills to live on public roads is also one of the significance of gymkhana.
I would like to polish my solid technique and go on a lot of touring.


Speaking of which, it was a touring that I started thinking that I would definitely get off all the way back and forth, but I never wore a kappa.
It became the best touring in the best touring weather.


Where should we go next?


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