Actually, I’m not good at rotations

I’m not good at spinning because I’ve been doing Gymkhana for a long time. ..
Are you not good at it? I do not like? I think there are many ways to say it, but there is a strong sense of weakness in rotation.

For about 3 years since I started Gymkhana, I didn’t even know to hit the steering wheel lock, and the rotation was cornering and I hit the steering wheel lock to my seniors! I remember the shock when I was told.

However, there is no doubt that Gymkhana has rotation, and it can be seen that rotation has a great effect on time.
That’s why I practiced little by little, even if I didn’t like it, and now I can run to the extent that I can’t be separated.

Still, I don’t think my current run is fast in rotation itself.
Speaking in detail, I’m not good at the part that turns around while maintaining the stall state.I do not raise the idling extremely, so I maintain the balance with my accelerator work, so I say that the balance in the place where I lie down is bad. There may be, but I don’t like to raise the idling and rotate, and I definitely don’t want to do it because it’s too cool.

However, the place where you earn time by not raising the idling is different, so I think that it is a decent game.


I think there are various players, but if you think that there are veterans like yourself, you may be able to see Gymkhana from a different perspective.

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