The fun of controlling a motorcycle.

Why did I continue to play Gymkhana for so long?
I asked myself.

First of all, I love riding motorcycles. ..
Not wrong at all. ..
That’s why I go touring and run on the circuit. .. I haven’t done it recently, but I also run off.

Originally, Gymkhana was for the purpose of acquiring technology that allows you to go touring comfortably and safely, so even now, there may be various purposes for touring that you often go to touring without forgetting your original intention, but you will run on mountain passes all over the country. .. That is my first goal.

I think the exhilaration of running through the machine at that time is exceptional.
It is a public road to mobilize all the technologies more than Gymkhana. .. It’s very difficult and fun.

So why continue Gymkhana?
I think it’s an exhilarating feeling that you can handle your favorite motorcycle like a limb.
Put the machine under your control and control everything. .. Of all the competitions, the one that I can feel the most is the competition where I can finish all the courses for the first time in Gymkhana with two, surely recognize the sense of distance, control the machine to the limit and run to the goal. It’s a pleasure. ..
That’s why machines ride on various machines, and I don’t leave it to the machines to run. ..
For example, spinning when idling. ..
I want to run everything under my control. ..
Of course, I will make a bike that follows my control, but I will not do extreme weight reduction for speed.
I’m happy if I win, but I’ll do anything to win. .. I don’t have that kind of consciousness.
In that sense, it may not be a pure athlete. ..
However, what I don’t want you to make a mistake is that the race is a race “competition” that keeps it and runs fairly in the strict regulation.
I wonder if Gymkhana is far away from that. ..

Well, this season will start, but as young people grow up, I would like to enjoy the competition life with little remaining while being careful not to get old.

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