Change of exhaust pipe

Ninja 400 from the race tube of Akrapovič to the muffler compatible with JMCA street regulation.(under 95Db)
Haven’t you made any complaints in the race tube so far? Ask your friends or watch the video, and change to a JMCA compatible muffler at your own discretion.

This is a race tube, I think it’s quieter than 100db, but it’s still annoying.

This is a JMCA compatible muffler

It’s very quiet.
Put the lights back, turn signals, and make the muffler a JMCA compatible muffler, so you can stretch your chest and do gymkhana.

I set it up again while measuring the air-fuel ratio for this muffler, but I was able to increase the fuel in all rotation ranges up to 10000 rpm. .. That means that you are breathing a lot of air.
Compared to the race tube, the punch up to 10000 rpm has improved so much that you can feel it.

I would like to challenge the JAGE Cup on the weekend with this specification.

Please clear up ~~~~~

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