Chubu Moto Gymkhana

I participated in the Chubu Moto Gymkhana Tournament held on May 5th.
Since the tournament is held mainly by the members of the Detonation team, SSB will naturally support it.
We also asked Mr. Kushitani to support us and aim for the best tournament.


The weather that I was worried about has recovered and turned out to be good weather.
This is also the result of my usual actions (^^♪
Products sponsored by SSB and Kushitani are lined up!


The prototype SSB wheel stand is in the foreground. I also gave this as a gift.


This course was also a fun course that made full use of Kyosei’s four-wheel course.
I participated in the KX112 that I just bought for the minibike challenge.


I’m not used to it until I can select the appropriate gear with two attacks, and the carburetor setting is not suitable for Gymkhana.
I had a lot of trouble, but I wonder if I was able to run a decent run as a first time.
By the way, I didn’t know the gear for the first one, so I put it in 4th gear.


I was able to get 2nd place in the mini class with a time ratio of 103%.
In the second heat, I used a lot of halves to make up for the low speed where I didn’t accelerate.
“Actually, when I reworked the carburetor setting at the practice session after this, it became very easy to handle because it produced a lot of torque from low speeds.
The potential has risen at once. . I wanted to run in Chubu with this specification.”
Except for the JAGE Cup and Dunlop Cup, I will be running the KX, so let’s have fun with the 12-inchers. .


The tournament ended successfully, and it was a rock-paper-scissors competition award ceremony, but the rock-paper-scissors competition in particular was even hotter than the actual competition.


These are the smiling faces who got Kushitani’s prizes.


We are looking forward to another fun and luxurious tournament next year, so please support us.

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