KX112 running and cab setting

I just bought the KX112, but it’s a lot of fun and I’m addicted to it.
You can run a gymkhana like a pass, and it’s a different difficulty than a large bike. . That part is very exciting.
What is different from what I thought is that KX is a full-body exercise, and it’s a great workout, including running. .
If you try to run fast, you can shift your weight to match the movement of the machine, and because it is light, your movements will immediately break the machine’s posture.
It is difficult to say that it is useless if it does not enter the correct position.


What was especially difficult was that I couldn’t stand up at a slow speed, so I couldn’t put my body inside, so it was easy to lose my balance.
I thought that was the fate of the 2nd. Especially since this kind of engine has an external chamber, it can’t be helped. . and


However, after studying the 2st, I remembered the basics of cab setting that I hadn’t done in a long time and grasped the symptoms…
Choice of main jet. . It’s fairly easy, so it’s fixed.
And the problem is the slow system and the needle system. .
Decided to make the slow speed thinner and where idling can be continued.
and Needle.
I didn’t feel that the needle could be improved just by clip position, so I tried adjusting it by changing the straight diameter and clip position.


What do you think then? . The engine that did not start up at all from low speed until now will start up firmly.
Even if you put your body inside, it will accelerate without falling over.
Even if you shift early, it will lead to firm acceleration unlike before.
The 2st engine changes so much depending on the setup. .
It may be necessary to change the clip position depending on the temperature and humidity,
KX112 + FMF chamber = A big evolution in gymkhana driving.
This is a big harvest.


It looks like it’s going to be fun again from here.


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