Competition Vehicle weight

We are currently developing a system to measure vehicle weight for the future. . Well, it’s not a big deal, but I think it will be useful for something in the future.


I measured the weight of my vehicle by saying.


Z900 rear.jpeg


This is the weight of the Z900 in a ready-to-run state.
Front 109.4kg Rear 97kg Total 206.4kg
Does gasoline go into the reserve after driving or not? So it seems that it will exceed 210 kg when full.


It was as heavy as I thought, but it is about 50kg heavier than the GSXR Gymkhana machine.


Well, next is the ZRX1200R




ZRX1200 Front.jpeg


ZRX1200 rear.jpeg
Front 115.45kg Rear 107.05kg Total 222.5kg
It is light as ZRX1200 ~~
Is there a big difference in the muffler?
Weight difference with Z900 is 16.1kg Is this difference big or small?


The Z900 doesn’t have a full exhaust system yet, so it looks like it will weigh about 200kg with a full exhaust system.
The concept of running with this Z900 is
Like an SB class! run with confidence
Self-running Because it is to eliminate the feeling of unfairness with beginners
I was a little relieved to say that the vehicle weighed over 200 kg.


How far can you fight with this vehicle? I will do my best with a challenging spirit.


But after all, my heart is in the ZRX1200 (laughs)

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