CST CN-SRR Test 3 and that of KX112SM

Last week, I participated in Krisp’s measurement practice session at Kyosei Kotsu University in Aichi.
This is the continuation of the engine setup and the tire test.


First of all, the engine has become very easy to handle, but is it okay to use a little more fuel at full throttle? I felt like
I would like to use it as a reference for future tests.
Isn’t it OK for medium and low speeds to look like this?


And this time it is a comparison test between CST SC-SRR and BS BT601SS.
First run with SC-SRR and then in the afternoon with BT601SS.
In comparison, when I changed from SC-SRR to BT601SS, it felt like it was going down.
Is there a difference in size? Is there a difference in structure? I don’t know, but by removing the rear preload
I was able to handle it.
① Grip performance
Is this almost even? I feel that the SC-SRR is slightly higher, but both had good grips without any problems.


(2) Turnability
Once the bank stabilizes, it will exhibit the same turning performance, but the biggest difference is when going from braking to banking.
Turning force in high load area. . SC-SRR is overwhelmingly excellent in this. This is probably the performance difference between the radial structure and the bias structure.
BT601SS is early and does not come inside. . I thought so. “It improved considerably by lowering the rear vehicle height”


③Gymkhana’s peculiar turnability when turning the steering wheel.
Once the rotation stabilizes, both can run in the same way, but it was the SC-SRR that could be attacked with peace of mind.
The driving feeling of turning the steering wheel at once and changing the direction was pleasant.


Durability of SC-SRR


It’s been a month since I’ve been running a lot because I’m doing setup, but I’ve been wearing CST SC-SRR for the most part.
This image is a comparison of the state after many 6 days of practice sessions and the new one.
IMG_0203.jpeg IMG_0201.jpeg


Is it like 5 mountains?
It’s been a month since I’ve reheated it with a warmer many times, but I can’t feel any decrease in grip performance.
It seems that there will probably be no drop in time at about 5 copies.
Low price and high performance. . I think this will change the era of 12-inch.
I can’t say anything because I haven’t been able to confirm the performance at wet and low temperature yet.
I feel that the BT601SS and TT93GPPRO are superior in this regard, even when running at high temperatures.


Finally, the result of KX112SM, despite being a high-level member of Krisp, and it was a 4-wheel course with 3 rotations.
The fact that we were able to maintain the top time with both the BT601 and the SC-SRR, I think we were able to confirm the high potential of the car itself.
The riders are also getting used to it, so I’m going to practice hard to set a time in two races at the office chaya cup this weekend, and I’m going to raise my level even more.


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