KX112SM Takechi

This time, I boiled down the setup of the main jet.
I was feeling the torque shortage in the middle, so I tried to raise the main jet one rank.
Fisco with an altitude of 500m, is it too dark? I thought that, but even if I compared both, I got a better feeling with a darker one.
If this is the altitude of the usual competition venue, it seems that the acceleration performance will increase further.
The understanding of the cab set has progressed considerably, so we may find a better direction in the future.


As for the suspension, I’ve come to understand the difference in tire setup, and I’ve come to think that the Dunlop tires will work well.



It’s not the best time video, but I think it’s moving forward for the altitude of 500m, which is a little lacking in torque at very low speeds.


Even if you shift early and pull it out until it blows out with a fixed one, you can run without a big time difference.
It seems that mistakes in production can be kept to a minimum.
I would like to test a lot of things at the weekend office teahouse cup.


By the way, the tires this time were CST SM-SRR 3rd mountain tires.


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