One last match

This past month has been troubled. .
Talk to your friends and write about it on your blog. .
Running and running, I was able to sort out the feelings inside me.


Let’s run with a machine that honestly feels like it’s really fun!
Challenge yourself to a new Gymkhana!
Jiji is over 60, but let’s challenge the champion battle again so that we won’t have any regrets later!
I was able to be honest with my feelings with the encouragement of my friends.


From here on out, I decided to fight this season with the KX112SM, a machine with no excuses.




The feeling that was blurry until the other day is now refreshing and radiant.
I have a lot of things to think about, and I think some people will be disillusioned,
I believe that running with the KX112SM will be useful in the future of Gymkhana.


For 33 years, I have been riding a 17-inch big bike,
I would be happy if you would support me to challenge myself with a 12-inch mini bike after turning 60.


I would be happy if I could fight with my rivals with a smile!
I’ll do my best~~

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