Dunlop Kishikaisei Tire Road Smart 4

Dunlop is changing, it’s been decades since I felt that way ~
I’ve been watching for a long time with the feeling that I’m lagging behind the performance of tires in the world.
It wasn’t limited to sports tires and high-grip tires, it was the same in the touring tire category.

However, when I ran with the Road Smart 4 released this time, my feelings changed at once. ..
Dunlop is changing! !! When I took the plunge and ran with Road Smart 4 in the wet of the second round of the JAGE Cup last year, isn’t it the strongest? The grip is so good that I can run hard in the rain.
As a result, I was able to enter the 3rd place in A class.

That is this video

Then, as the days went by, it was off-season, and it was troublesome to warm up to adjust the engine this time, so I was setting up with Road Smart 4, but it runs very well. ..
It runs in the range of 102 to 104% of the top ratio. .. It’s OK without warmer
There is almost no dissatisfaction even if I run.
That is this video.

Is this really a touring tire? You don’t need α14. ..
Moreover, it doesn’t decrease so much that I’m surprised.
I ran for 3 days to set up the engine, but it didn’t decrease much. ..
You can make such a dream-like tire, Dunlop ~~~
Neither the case nor the compound feels like Dunlop.
To be clear, other manufacturers are dangerous! !! I think you’re thinking

It seems that the new scooter tires are completely different.
If you follow this trend, you will be looking forward to the next model of the α13SP.

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