Explanation of throttle operation

I would like to explain the throttle work at the end of H2 of the JAGE cup the other day because it is interesting.
This is a video that shows you what to do when you open too much and slide too much in the attack state where you want to accelerate even one step.

This time I will also explain with a slow motion video.

When I accelerated from the turn, I opened the accelerator slightly too much and the rear went out more than planned, causing the car body to turn too much inward.

As a countermeasure at that time, I return the accelerator to the extent that the slide fits. “Do not fully close”
As soon as the behavior of the car body calms down, I open it again and enter the throttle system.

This prevents high sides and minimizes time loss. . It’s a video like that.

I would appreciate it if you could refer to it.

A point to turn and accelerate from an additional small offset. .
Here you can see that the front suspension does not shrink at all.
Here, just by closing the throttle small, it is turning back.
Rather than closing the throttle and slowing down the throttle , it is a technical difference that you can turn back while continuing to accelerate.


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