First hospitalization in my life

I experienced my first hospitalization in my life early in the new year.
This is my first experience of living for 60 years.
This hospitalization was suspected of having angina, and if the results were poor after being admitted to the examination, it was said to be an immediate operation.
I felt very cautious about moving in a wheelchair in the hospital because it was an illness that would lead to immediate death if the situation was bad.
The test projects the heart with a catheter test, but the doctor says, “There are certainly narrow areas, but there are no problems as much as surgery, and only tests that do not cause problems with the movement of the heart are okay.”
I was hospitalized for follow-up this time, and if there is no problem, I will be discharged tomorrow.
That’s why I was discharged safely today.
Was it really lucky to be able to see the doctor and confirm the problem before it got worse?
I’m thinking now.
With this, I think I can enjoy my life in Gymkhana a little more.
Thank you for your continued support.

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