I participated in the Gymchaya cup with KX112SM + CST SM-SRR

I decided to participate in full-scale participation and participated in the first competition.
While participating in various practice sessions in martial arts training. It came to a good situation with the engine suspension,
Can you choose the appropriate gear and run in a gymkhana where you can compete with two?
Can the performance of the machine be fully utilized? I had a lot of anxiety, and I thought this was also an experience, and I’ve been working hard.


Machine is KX112SM Tires are CST SM-SRR
About two months after starting to ride, how well will the settings that have progressed smoothly work? I was looking forward to it.


In the first heat, I had a very frustrating fall.


Don’t fall in the second heat! But boldly run! I ran with the goal of



Selection of lines and gears on this machine. .
Reliability of the engine at extremely low speeds, etc. . I cleared it little by little
I think it was a sufficiently satisfying run at this stage.
Overall winner! It was a result that was too much, but I would like to further mature.
From here on, the office teahouse cup is over, so change the tires to Dunlop TT93GP PRO
I would like to send out the setup.
I think that Dunlop tires have a large performance difference between when they are new and when they are old.
I will try to decide as early as possible.
I have already researched the tire air pressure and temperature settings, so I would like to boil down the suspension based on this.
As long as I can boil it down properly, I think I can get a time that doesn’t change.
I think it depends on the setup after that.
Well, I have to do my best for these two weeks. .


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