JAGE 2nd heat video

This is a continuation of the previous one, but in the first heat, I twisted the accelerator past the point where I thought I would lose the grip of the tires, so the bike didn't move forward well, and the change in posture caused a big loss of time. was in a state.

You can clearly see that this area is the grip limit of Road Smart 4, which is a touring tire.

The second moto doesn't look interesting, but it's going to be a video that is conscious of moving forward with the grip limit of the tires.

To put it badly, it was a safe run.
As a result, I feel that I have succeeded in cutting about 1 second.

I would like to have the technique to move forward while sliding a little more at this halfway point, but it is quite difficult to control with only two gymkhana attacks and a course layout with no room on the outside.

Big bike is really fun to control around here ~


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