JAGE Cup Round 1 and Z900SE

Yesterday I participated in the 1th match of the 2023 JAGE Cup.
The weather that I was worried about lasted until the end, and it turned out to be a great race to be able to run dry.
The course was the narrowest I have ever seen in recent years, and it was quite a tough course for the big Z900.
A wheelbase of 1480mm, which is longer than the ZRX1200. wide body. 205 kg weight. . 180/60 big tires
Keeping it running at the same pace as a compact vehicle is no mean feat.
But controlling it is one of the joys of gymkhana.


I’ve been riding a KX112 for the past month and haven’t ridden a Z900 for a month.


The feeling of discomfort when I started riding was amazing~~ I can control the power, but it doesn’t turn.
The point where it starts to turn is different. . The body width is large and the swing width is large. .
Even so, I desperately managed to control it, but the gap in the feeling of the car width was large, and I received a lot of pena.
Still, I was able to finish in 6th place in the SB class.


My impression is that it’s getting harder and harder to drive a small course with a big car as I’m over 60.


Ideals and dreams, the Z900SE that runs with commitment
ZRX1200R, which is the most fun for me and can express the charm of gymkhana
The KX112 allows you to ride like riding on a mountain pass while repeatedly shifting up and down, giving you a taste of the fun of riding.
I think it would be great if I could enjoy my short gymkhana life with these three cars.


I’m afraid I’ll be obsessed with the KX112 for a while. . (smile)


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