KX112SM setup in progress

The JAGE Cup was a bit of a stressful tournament, so I took part in a one-day practice session while setting up the KX112SM.
It was a practice session in the best weather, but the KS112SM, which can be driven with all one’s might, was able to run without stress, which was refreshing.
The people who are watching say that they are having fun running~~ It makes me even happier to hear that they are happy.
I’ve heard this many times, not just this time, so I thought that the fun would come out on the surface.
As for the KX112SM, the carburetor and suspension settings are still not perfect, so I tried to tweak it a little.
The suspension has a little preload on the rear, and the carburetor adjusts the needle clip position. .
Since the course this time was about 500m above sea level, I think that if it is a normal place, it will start up from a little slower speed.
I would like to test it at the weekend Satokana training and Dunlop training.


The Z900 put a lot of strain on my body, and I thought it would be tough on my 60-year-old body.
The KX112SM is refreshing with a full-body workout, but it doesn’t put a lot of strain on your body.
It also makes me feel refreshed. It’s a great toy and has become a good companion.
I still have a lot to learn about riding a mini, and I want to enjoy it even more.


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