ZRX1200 after a long absence

ZRX1200R with Crash Guards
Recently, I’ve been riding only the KX112SM, and I haven’t ridden the ZRX1200 for half a year.
By saying that it will be ZRX1200 with Crash guards installed to participate in “Let’s run with KING Sakuta-san DAY” held at Tsukinowa Driving School on the 22nd.
I participated in Satkana training with ZRX1200 as a practice.


Heavy in the beginning! ! do not stop! ! Unyielding! ! I was complaining all the time
Of course it is. . 3 times the weight, 10 times the displacement And the course of the day was quite difficult.


However, as I gradually got used to it, I regained my condition.



Today’s best time is 1:11.7, the second fastest time overall, 100.43% of the time
I was able to record a time that was close to NSR and other A-class competitors.
Maybe riding the KX112SM has evolved my riding?
Very good trend. .


It feels good to be able to handle 12 inches and the exact opposite heavy vehicle well. .


I’m leaving tomorrow morning and heading to Tsukinowa Driving School.


I have a little time tomorrow, so why don’t I stop by PPS? I think.


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