Moto Gymkhana with touring tires. ..

I went to the JAGE Cup.
This time it was a forecast of rain all day, and to dispel the bitter feelings of the previous Dunlop Cup, I also tried to test the tires for rain, so I put in the newly released Road Smart 4 from Dunlop and participated. It was.
Road smart ④.png

Class A and Class B are doing various tests from the practice session.
Isn’t α14 good? Or, if you run with a tire warmer on 13SP, you will get a grip! And

After all, regardless of whether it is α14 or 13SP, while the tires are warm, it grips firmly and the time comes out.
I’ve tested it myself, but it’s best to warm up the 13SP and enter the course without running to get the best time even in the rain.
I don’t want to do the figure eight either. .. If it gets wet, it will get cold. ..

Such a situation is not beautiful when viewed from the outside “especially during the tournament” and does not come to the course until the last minute. .. Looking at the timing of running, I felt unsightly.
It was the same for me, and I felt unsightly.

Isn’t Dunlop’s latest touring tire Road Smart 4 able to solve this situation?
With that in mind, this time I tried putting Road Smart 4 in production.
How far will you respond in the actual production with increased tension? I had a lot of anxiety.

As a result, A class 3rd place overall 5th place. ..
Isn’t this enough potential? It makes me think so.
In the first heat, I took a serious look, and in the second heat, I tried to attack to the extent that I wouldn’t fall.

It seems that the time can still be shortened, but the elderly can not run with any more risk, so this time I ran with this level.

As an impression, the wet grip performance is perfect. ..
However, compared to the warm tires of 13SP, I feel that the turning power is reduced especially on small turns.

Road Smart 4, especially for those who participate on their own.
Tires that can run reasonably well even in the dry, and can compete in the A class when it gets wet. ..
Especially when it rains in the cold season, it may be even stronger. ..

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