Shimanami Kaido Touring – Husband and wife

After the Ehime Dunlop Cup, I came back every year, but this year I planned to do a one-day touring.
First, go to Shikoku Karst and eat cheese cake! It was such a plan, but came up suddenly before departure and changed to Shimanami Kaido! I changed the vehicle from CB750 to Cub110 and headed.

Since I was staying near the venue of Ehime Dunlop to go to Karst, I moved to Hibara for Imabari early in the morning.
With a car at Sunrise Itoyama’s cycling terminal, Shimanami Kaido Touring starts with the Cub 110 couple.

It is a sunny day from the morning. This is the scenery when you enter the Shimanami Kaido.

There are many local people who go by on Mondays, but local people skip it ~~~~ It’s pretty scary (laughs)

The first goal is Oshima’s Mt.
Can you climb up the hill here with Cub 110 two-seater? Very anxious. .
Gambare! ! Cub. . .
But it is the world’s turnip. . I climbed with a margin.
The reason why I climbed this time first is that when I head from Tokyo, I always go up to Mt.
Then it will always be a location close to backlight.
And this is the scenery I saw in the early morning.

The weather was good so I could see the far away island. . The best (^^ ♪

After enjoying the scenery for a while, I thought I would go down and have breakfast, but no shops were open (∀ ∀)
Even if you cross the bridge and go to the roadside station on Hakatajima, the roadside station is not open. . .
I can’t help it anymore, so I decided to finish breakfast at the convenience store. .

And we decided to go to Okunoshima, the island of Usagi, who received information the day before.
A story that says 1000 rabbits welcome you!
I go by ferry from Omishima, but Cub is absent from Omishima because I can’t run even if I can take a bike down to the island.

15 minutes by ferry
If you go there, it was a rabbit paradise (laughs)
IMG_0342.JPG IMG_0340.JPG

Rabbits that gather when they have food. .
I played with the rabbits for 30 minutes until the next ferry.

Around this time, the temperature became 33 degrees, and it seems that it has become quite difficult for my unfamiliar wife, so this time I will go back to Innoshima.
On Ikuchijima, there are lemon objects and many bridges. .

And it is a commemorative photo with the beautiful Tatara Bridge.

On the way back, I enjoyed the Shimanami Kaido while watching the scenery slowly and taking in the various observation stations.

I returned to Sunrise Itoyama at 4 o’clock. . I was able to enjoy the fun with just a good sense of fulfillment.

Cub-kun’s tandem performance I didn’t know until I tried it. .
When I asked my wife behind me, my hips didn’t hurt compared to a big bike, and when I stepped over the steps, it was 17 inches so it was surprisingly easy. .
Moreover, it was highly appreciated that the feeling of perfection was very enjoyable. .
This may be an ant that will be loaded with turnips in the future expedition ~~~

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