Lunch touring to La Gazzza

I went to Ragazza to a fashionable Italian restaurant not looking good on me for lunch touring.

Despite being long to explain, the owner of the shop where funny came enters is a motorcycle lover
It started from where I promised to come back to eat again.
I had an invitation, and this time it was lunch touring.

We first started running at the 4 o'clock goal after touring the mountains around Ome in Friday's lunch start.

First I headed to Naguri Lake!


When I was having a meal here, I heard that Mr. Terada contacted the mobile phone and tried calling.
Then you are running near! What a coincidence you say (^ ^ ♪
Arrived in about 10 minutes ~~~

After taking a commemorative photo with everyone, I am leaving for Ragazza.

When running in the traffic congestion Ome Kaido, cars that ring the horn to Mr. Terada and get close to bouncing!
What is happening ~
What a grade A Araki – (^^) /


After that, I noticed it, I noticed that when the motorcycle running at the top began to chew, I was surprised.
'What are you doing ~~~~'
Even so, there is a tremendous coincidence as well (laugh)

I got out of the traffic jam with safe driving and arrived at Lagazza standing on the bank of Shakujii Pond in Shakujii.


What a fashionable appearance! Besides, the bike suits well.
An owner appears. . Very cute bike, CB 350 F and Dream 50 are decorated in the store.

The owner was pleased with seeing that the motorcycle is lined up in front of the shop and it is good.

Talking for a while for a while, it is the beginning of lunch from 6 o'clock.

Beginning with an appetizer, a lot of delicious meals came out.




Finally I finished dessert and finished.


Our helmet and helmets of the owner were arranged at the counter of the shop.


I was able to spend a pleasant time with an owner really like a bike.
I want to visit the rider more and more ~ ​​~ ~ I said.

Those who are worried about please try putting out the face once.

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