SSB crash guards for KTM 790 / 890 DUKE

This time I made SSB, rear slider and handle stopper for KTM 790 DUKE

I thought that it was rather easy when I first saw it.
It seemed that the strength of the front frame and the hanger part of the engine was not large
I made it as a structure that hits the whole frame.


When the height of the top of the bumper is set to a good position, the left side hits the radiator hose so that it has the same structure as S1000

Also, the reinforcing pipe behind it is good to have straight strength, but decided to bend and escape judging that there is a high possibility of getting a big injury across the leg when falling down if it is straight.
It seems that this looks more refreshing as it looks, is not it? .


We also confirmed that the rear slider also has a great effect on falling tests.

And we also created a handle stopper by saying that we want to regulate the steering wheel angle as requested by the owner.


And in the fall test, we were able to confirm sufficient protection capacity.



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